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  • Dave Cockburn

A Visit to the Indian Trail and Guided Tour of Hato Caves

When: A half-day activity. Open daily between 9 am and 4 pm, guided tours run every hour on the hour.

Where: Near the Airport

Description: A wonderful learning experience for young and old. A chance to get out of the sun.

Option: Arrive 45 minutes before the caves tour to first walk the Indian Trail. Refreshments are available at the shop.

Pre-requisites: Take a hat for the Indian Trail walk. The caves are large – claustrophobia unlikely.


Indian Trail: A free self-guided short walk, with an easy-to-read picture guide, showing local plants, birds, insects, and what are those rocks made of? You will definitely learn something amazing on this walk.

Cave Tour:A well-informed guide takes you through the caves. In order to reach the entrance, you’ll need to walk up 49 steps - no problem. Once upstairs you will be rewarded with a Caribbean breeze and a beautiful panoramic view.

Our guide presented in English and Dutch with enthusiasm and humour, engaging with the kids. Tours can be given in English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamento. German and Portuguese only on request.

You will see how the stalagmites “might” reach to the top while the stalactites hold on “tight” to the ceiling. You may even meet some small cave residents …


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