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  • Ross Palmer

Coral Estate Beach and Dining Options

Where: In the Coral Estate

Description: A luxury beach in the resort. Great for snorkelling, plus good service for food and drinks.

Restaurants: You can order at your spot on the beach or try one of the two restaurants, Karakter or Koraal, each with their own menus. Both places offer the same kids menu.

Karakter: Right on the shore, this restaurant is an opportunity to put on your favourite dress in the evening (but not mandatory!). There is a kids menu – you should ask for it. The Pofertjes (pancakes) are tasty but it is a rather small meal even for a kid, so you may want to order some chips with it. The bitterballen (Dutch meatballs) or tasty homemade fish sticks both come with chips and provide an easy meal for kids. On Saturday night there was live music and the one-man-band played most pleasant music.

Koraal: Just up the stairs is the restaurant/bar next to the infinity swimming pool. There you can sit in beach clothes. On saturday they offer fresh-made sushi, and sunday is BBQ – there seem to be BBQs all over the island on sundays, not just for us tourists but also amongst the locals.


An exclusive beach location – you’ll find it is quite hard to motivate yourself to leave once you have settled in. If you arrive before 10am, you are most likely to find suitable beds and seats in the shade – try grabbing the hut with the couch, swing and hammock. Underfoot is cleaned beach sand. Access to the sea is easiest to the left, next to the pier, or straight down the stairs from the beach for the more-adventurous. Food and drinks are served by the Karakter Restaurant – not inexpensive, but very tasty – try the Banana Daydream ice cream milkshake!

After snorkeling, it’s convenient to jump into the pool and/or take a freshwater shower next to the dive shop.

Same gorgeous sunsets, as from the Villa.


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