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  • Paul Sinclair

Local Beaches???

Where: Daaibooi Beach and Playa PortoMari

Description: Checking out the nearby beaches outside Coral Estate

Pre-requisites: Take water shoes and snorkelling equipment from the aquatics box in the villa, and YELLOW (not white) BEACH towels too!


Drove to Daaibooi Beach. This is the closest beach to Coral Estate – it’s about a 4 minute drive.

Morning: We all loved snorkelling and fish spotting. There is also a large turtle swimming, and herons swooping majestically, plus one of us saw seahorses! The snack bar is pretty basic, so probably better to eat at the other beach later. The guy at the snack bar put out some sugar and dozens of bright yellow small bird flocked to have at try! They took turns graciously, which was a surprise!

Lunch and afternoon: We headed to Playa PortoMari . This is the second closest beach to Coral Estate (8 minutes) and has smore facilites. We parked in the car park, then before heading to the main area, we climbed up the tower in the car park to check the view. And what a stunning view - white sand and light green water - beautiful!

Lunch: we headed to the restaurant and took a seat. They served great draught local beer here – choose the blonde not the red option. They also have local goat burger if you're feeling adventurous, but for the rest of use there were lots of options for adults and kids alike. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Afternoon: we grabbed some sun loungers, and a lady will came around for payment which was a few dollars each. We used our water shoes to walk into the water from the beach, but there was also a pier with steps. There is a dive platform which is swimmable, but again the fish you see when snorkelling are phenomenal. Another fun aspect to this beach is they have wild pigs roaming around! They're very friendly and go for the odd dip!

If you want another option, go a little further North to the less developed but very pretty ‘Cas Abou Beach’


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