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  • Steve Robinson

Mambo Beach and Dolphins

Where: Curacao Sea Aquarium next to Mambo Beach

Description: Not all aquariums are good for sealife - some actively inprison animals and mistreat them. Thankfully the Curacao Sea Aquarium is not one of those places and has several initiatives to sustain sealife. This does inlude dolphins, but these are 'resuce' dolphins that need looking after. In return they have a show, but one where the participants are very much enjoying the performance. We had a whale of a time watching this show, plus shark feeding and a submarie. They have several interactive sections and the kids learned a lot.

Round the corner is Mambo Beach, which is popular and has lots of restaurants, bars and shops and kids play areas. It also has a very pretty beach! We holed up at a nice bar just near the kids play area and sunbathed the day away. Judy did some shopping and reported that for beach clothing and tourist items the choice was pretty good. The Lions Dive resort has a restaurant called Hemmingway which was perfect for kids and adults alike: excellent food and right on the beach so the kids could just flip in and out without getting bored.


The Sea Aquarium is here:

Mambo Beach car parking is here:


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